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Guidelines for Grantors

The Pick-a-Wish Grantors are the heroes here. Without Grantors, Pick-a-Wish would be pointless. We may increase a Wishers’ hope by providing a place to Make their Wish, but without Grantors those hopes are not fulfilled. The Grantors make the Wishes come true. And making Wishes come true is what we’re all about.

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Medical literature is full of stories and studies touting the healthy benefits of giving . . .

. . . to list just a few. All religious traditions put a high emphasis on giving, generosity, charity, and the Golden Rule. And it might be said that the best way to receive is to give, because in giving we also receive good feelings, good karma, good vibes, and appreciation from the universe. And just maybe we’re making the world a bit of a better place to be.

So, now you decide to become a Grantor. This page is for you.

How to Grant a Wish

It’s Easy. Simply go to the Grant-a-Wish page and search or browse our curated database of Wishes for the 2020 Christmas Season. You may browse by category or search by zip code, your own zip code only, or search a radius from your zip code.

Once you’ve chosen the Wish(es) you intend to Grant, simply click on the Wishers name link to send the Wisher a short message which generates an email, then also click the Gear icon on their PAW profile to send them a Private Message to initiate contact to exchange any specific personal information, private phone numbers, meeting places, etc., that may be needed to Grant the Wish.

Ways to Grant a Wish

The traditional method, of course, is to physically go to the a brick-and-mortar retail store, list in hand, buy the items, maybe wrap, and deliver them to the Wisher, just like Santa Claus would (minus the reindeer and chimney). Some prefer to meet at a mutually-convenient public location, and this is fine, too. Most Wishes are probably granted this way. Using this method a Wisher’s and Grantor’s location must be within a reasonable distance, often in their same village, town, or county.

But nowadays eCommerce has opened, literally, a new world. Using eCommerce a Grantor at the North Pole could easily Grant a Wish located in the equatorial region of Africa, or literally any location on this planet. Some may prefer to Grant the Wish the Wish by buying locally and mailing. As well, Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and many others also have free two-day shipping. So, using eCommerce is one the easiest, most convenient, and in this pandemic, possibly the safest way to Grant a Wish this year.

This year More than Ever . . .

This once-a-century pandemic has deflated many households’ hopes for a happy and prosperous holiday season this year. Many have been laid off, many have lost loved ones, schools have been disrupted, and we all have to hunker down and help each other get through it. There are many, maybe most, kids out there this year who may not have gifts under the tree without the kindness and generosity from those who have the means and generosity to provide that Christmas morning joy to kids or disabled/seniors who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances through no fault of their own.

The need is great this year. Now is the time for Grantors to step up. The mutual joys generated by giving will go a long way toward making this holiday season a happier time for a lot of people . . .

On behalf of all Wishers, thanks in advance to all our Grantors past, present, and future from the PAW Admins, for without you Pick-a-Wish.org would not be possible . . .


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